The art of painting on silk is as old as the invention of silk itself and goes back thousands of years. With modern materials and techniques, it has become even more popular, producing colours and vibrance which are unobtainable with more conventional artforms. However, the method itself is not as easy as it looks, requiring many hours of patience and practice. What the finished product does not show, is the hours of work spent designing, drawing, washing and stretching the silk, transferring the design to the silk with Gutta resist, painting and blending the dyes (applied with a brush), the steam-setting process, the hand-washing, ironing etc., all this under constant adjustment to temperature, humidity etc.

Gus is a self taught artist, working in his home-studio in the fabulous Florida Keys. His works are admired in many parts of the world, both as framed art (i.e. light torch) and wearable art (i.e. scarves, sarongs, tanktops, blouses,shirts, accessories etc.). However, he likes to remain a local artist, showing his work mainly in Florida, with the most exposure in Key West, where he is a member of the artisans exhibiting nightly at the world-famous Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square.