Beauty & Simplicity

“I have a deep passion for art and its many mediums; particularly glass. The relaxation one can receive by simply meditating on one piece of art is rewarding in itself. I find that when I just go to a quite place with all of God’s beauty in nature surrounding me, I can use that inspiration to create glass art. I want my glass art to inspire you and show you all the beauty and simplicity it holds.”
– Brad Peterson

Artist  Awards

  • Glastar Corporation 
2008: Exuberance 1st Place in Warm Glass Category
  • 2009: Red Geometry 1st Place in 3-D Category and a super bright flashlight
  • Delphi Glass Company: 
Published in the Delphi Glass magazine twice. He made Delphi’s very 1st sale in their new online store
  • Slumpy’s 2010 1st Place winner for draping of the Plaid Stringer Vase
  • The creations you will see in Brad’s Portfolio will show you the love and respect he has for glass art, its uses and most of all the beauty it reflects in the finished piece

What is Fused Glass?

Fused glass is a term used to describe how 2 separate pieces of glass can be joined into one solid piece. It is also known as Warm glass or Kiln-formed glass. Both pieces of glass MUST be of the same COE (coefficient of expansion) to avoid stress and/or unstableness. Using 2 different glass coe’s will result in the glass cracking during the cooling process. In order to join two pieces of glass into one solid piece they must be heated up to a temperature range of 593 °C (1,099 °F) to 816 °C (1,501 °F). This heated process is accomplished in a kiln designed for high firing of glass. There are 3 main temperature ranges that have different effects on the glass.

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Classes are available for those who have an interest in learning stained glass or fused glass. Maybe you just need to develop better skills and increase your glass knowledge. I will do one on one class’s. No more than 2 students per class per day.

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